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“I just have to mention how I believe the unwavering passion shown from the team at VIDAproject motivates and inspires the client to want to do better - albeit everyone is on their own time schedule, but the sincere care helps to push the client to stay or at least “want” to stay on course”.

(Client Preferred to remain anonymous)
Vida Project is amazing!
Vida Project does a very good job at providing education surrounding any questions or concerns I had regarding my nutrition & exercise.

(Client Preferred to remain anonymous)
As a massage therapist I personally feel the benefits of strength training as each individual technique (whether it be bench press, dead lift, or the like) have translated themselves into functional movements I use each and every day. After about three weeks, my clients have noticed the increase in my strength and the consistency of my energy from the beginning of a session to the end. Additionally, my posture has improved and my cardiac fitness has improved as well. I’ve trained with many trainers and I have NEVER stayed beyond one package due to inconsistencies of customer service, lack of knowledge, and/or thoroughness of the actual exercise plan (ie, measurements, nutritional tips, and other promises). VIDA Project delivers a well-rounded package to the client. Knowledge, nutrition, videos and other educational tools, friendly and professional staff, and FUN classes”!

(Client Preferred to remain anonymous)

Nick Day

Rances and met through Fitness one on one. I had just started my own law firm. I was in a state of transition, and taking more control of my life in many respects. I wanted to take my training to the next level, and take more control of my health. I almost did not become your client for two reasons. First cost-I was not sure I would get the value I needed to see for the workout. Second, I was not convinced a trainer was for me. I never worked with one before and did not understand the value at the time. After two years together I now clearly see the value! My first impression was a good one. I knew early on that you had a strong attention to detail and commitment to your clients. This came through in your initial measurements of my fitness, your interest in every aspect of my life and goals, and our work together charting a path to achieve my goals. After two years the results I have seen are many and positive. First of all, i am glad i can consider you a friend! More to the point, I have changed for the better. I understand my body much more now. A big part of this was training to listen to it! Intense work with the heart rate monitor was also another window into my body that was extremely helpful. I am also stronger and more fit. For example, I ran a personal best in my fifth New York City Triathlon last summer, which was a specific goal Rances and I set and achieved based on specific, written, measurable short and long term goals. I got some great pointers on nutrition from the Vida staff as well. In short, working out has been fun, motivating and a part of my overall understanding of myself and my body. I have learned a great deal about how to work out, even after going to the gum for 20 years. I hope to get more in tune with both mind, body and spirit this year and continue to achieve great things with Rances and the Vida team!

Caroline Zamecki

I have been a member of the VIDA family now for about two years and what I have gained from it is in fact, a family. A family of people who share the same goals/values as i hold and who have a long term commitment to one another.
A family where I can be myself, push myself and strive to be a better version of myself, all while having a group of cheerleaders cheering me on. It is a place where I feel safe to push myself and know that I will not fail because of the support system I have backing me up. VIDA has become a place where I not only improved my physical strength and appearance but where I have strengthened my mind. I feel as if there is nothing I can’t do and if I can’t do it myself, I can sure as hell bet on someone from VIDA to help me out!
I am about to embark on another journey that will force me to leave VIDA for a short time but VIDA will be in my heart and spirit and everything that I have learned will travel with me.
Thank you VIDA for everything you have done for me, I will be eternally grateful for you support, motivation and love

Dr. Judith Weingram

I am a 76 year old female physician. I have osteoarthritis of my neck, knees, hips and fingers. I also have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and I’m overweight. Yet I’m able to work full-time for 60-plus hours per week. I attribute my ability to keep going largely to Rances Perez, the best personal trainer I have ever had (out of many). What’s unique about Rances is that he designs his workouts to the specific individual after he takes their abilities and disabilities into account. (So that I don’t just make the rounds of 10 reps on each machine, like I’ve done in other gyms). His workouts are specific to the age and physical limitations of each one. And they’re never boring! As a physician, I know that his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the mechanics of movement is extensive and superior. And last but not least, he is soft-spoken, unpretentious, always encouraging,and a really nice guy.

Lisa Dominguez

Rances is such a great trainer, not only does he make you sweat through a workout but makes you think about what you are doing, & why you are doing it! He makes you fully understand why your body type functions the way it does. To me that is amazing service and better yet amazing knowledge! His energy is very positive & very caring. He really cares about you as a human being, and of course your goals. I have trained for a long time with different trainers and I can proudly say that he stands out the most, and I don’t feel embarrassed to do certain positions like I have with other trainers in the past.

Elva Hone

Rances is truly an awesome trainer! He is equipped with the in-depth knowledge of the body and most importantly the concern to make sure you get the most out of your work out. You will never get a template routine. Each work out is specific to a person’s strengths and weaknesses. If you want to see results, Rances is your man. Who says you can’t have everything?

Allan Rosenzweig

I have trained regularly with Rances for some time. He is an excellent trainer, with a deep knowledge base, so that he is able to be very focused. Also, he spends the time researching specific training issues to design the most effective approach - very personal and tailored. On top of this, he is a really nice guy!

Dr. Judy Weingram

I am a 74 year old female physician with osteoarthritis who is still working full-time, thanks in large part to Rances. He has helped me overcome chronic hip and knee pain by designing exercises and workouts specific for me. He has a superior knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and muscle mechanics, which he uses to assess each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and training needs. Therefore no two clients have the same workouts.
I have worked with many trainers over the years. Rances is the best by far. And as an extra bonus: he’s an extremely nice person!

Rakesh Kaul

I have been training with top notch trainers for the last 25 years. I have been very impressed with Rances for the following reasons:
1) A highly customized regimen that is scientifically based, professionally researched and tailored to the cycles that any individual’s body, mind and soul is going through
2) Peak Performance: Rances will build the program gradually so that one can steadily improve one’s peak performance
3) Flexibility: He is able to accommodate the inevitable vagaries of one’s calendar so that one can maintain one’s regimen.
4) A pleasant, professional, low key, dedicated and highly conscientious about his work.

Dr. Craig Piper

Rances......hummmmm......polite, knowledgeable, innovated, communicative, good techniques,understanding, motivating, a drill master and even though I moan and groan a lot, there is no question the results are outstanding.....which exemplifies my goals......he is a trainer’s trainer!!!!!!!! no more to be said