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The Focus here is YOU. 

Life can be challenging, but moving your body shouldn't. From learning to crawl to becoming an Olympian, movement is growth. Let us help you master your movements to thrive both in body and mind. 

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How we make it Fun

At Vida Project we believe that moving is something that should be enjoyable and rewarding. MEMA's approach is to facilitate an intense workout with the use of, mindful practice and awareness, unique movements, and our VIDA-games. With this methodology of exercising, you will be able to achieve high octane, challenging and fun workouts to help you feel younger and stronger. Below, choose the option that most resonates with you.


Realize your potential! We offer the necessary tools to unlock the explosive athlete you are, with our unique programs that range from Functional Movement, Strength, and Metabolic Conditioning Training.

Whether it be improving movement or shedding a few pounds, LIFE waits for no one. Start building healthy habits to grow younger and stronger.

Starting with a movement assessment, our coaches will be able to identify your restrictions. From there, coaches will implement a plan of action to start the path to better movement. 

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