Top Secret Move Camp Invitation

They’re motivators who have a passion to help peoples lifestyle!
— Sarai
I like the feeling of working out and not feeling like it’s a workout
— Sasha
“It is totally different from what’s out there”
— Donnabel


 Seven, is how many years we've been running our outdoor training program, and we still have people from our very first year seeking our training method. What is now called Move Camp has become the most requested training program! All of our clients look forward to it because:

  • It doesn't feel like a workout, it's just fun!
  • The schedule works because 5:30 am doesn't interfere with jobs, family, etc.

If you think you will get ripped in 2 weeks, then this isn't for you. It takes time, hard work and extreme dedication. Move Camp is the foundation of that ripped body you're looking for!

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Timeline of our outdoor training camp

2011 - 2017

Again it is completely FREE to attend one class! What do you have to lose?


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