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The potential of our intricate bodies are endless. They are powerful, fast, intuitive and strong. But how do we begin to tap that potential? Whether you've been inactive your entire life or you perform on an athletic level, we all share a common necessity, and that is MOVEMENT.

"It's not about Training. It's about MOVING." - Ido Portal

How we make it FUN


Ever wonder why you felt invincible as a kid? Or how you never felt tired of playing outside? Well, it's because you were having FUN! Getting in shape or achieving better movement does not require a strict regimen of training or four hours at the gym. It requires mindful engagement of movement to stimulate the mind.


Success Stories 

What is the first thing a baby learns to do? MOVE.

Movement is the foundation for our ability to express and develop confidence. When we conquer movement, then all other goals feel obtainable. This is why fitness is more than just the physical gains, it's also about the mental and emotional ones. Our clients experience growth within our studio and out. Here are some success stories of our clients who have adopted the Vidaproject philosophy, and have experienced huge successes in and out of the gym! 


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