Q: What does VIDAProject do exactly?

A: We offer various exercises that can either aid with pain happening in different areas of your body or exercises that can help you break past your limits and give you the competitive edge you need to excel in sports or other physical activities.

Q: Why should I care about practicing movement? I move everyday anyway, right?

A: Your spine muscles and joints in your body need to move freely. If you're simply confined to the movement you're used to doing everyday, your body becomes restricted and your performance is limited. The body needs to explore more gateways of movement in order for you to unlock its upmost potential for you to reach your goals.

Q: Once I reach my goal, is it still necessary to keep practicing movement?

A: Once you've understood what it is your main focus is coming into VIDAproject here and you've work hard enough with us to finally get the results you require, it's truly up to you, how far you want to go. For example, those who originally wanted pain relief find that they want to step it up a notch and want to improve the quality or their basic movements. Those who already have a good grasp on their movement find that they want to improve their athletic performance. Those who are pushing themselves to enhancing their performance might run into pain once again from pushing too hard.

Q: Will this Movement Art practice help me do cool stuff like splits, muscle ups, handstands, flips, etc.?

A: Some of those stunts definitely require a little more technical understanding than we actually offer (the flips in particular), However, we can say with confidence, that your body will be conditioned in the correct way by acquiring necessary strength and/or flexibility required to achieve these feats.

Q: I'm actually more interested in losing weight more than anything, will this help me shed some pounds?

A: When you join us in this journey for better movement, not only will you gain proper form, strength and flexibility but most of our clients do experience fat loss and muscle gain. Yes there is hard work involved. Yes, you will sweat. Joining VIDAproject is almost like joining a gym with your own personal trainers. The focus is movement and weight/fat loss is like a nice little side effect.