Sasha Miguez

Have you ever watched Zootopia, you know the main character, the rambunctious little bunny? Well, we have our own little Sasha who's ready to tackle any challenge in front of her (especially when you doubt her). She began training with us when she was 19 (now 22), And she’s has continued to outdo herself! In the gym, she’s an incredible athlete that figures out any way to battle through and push her comrades to work harder. She is tough as nails if you push her yet one of the sweetest and big-hearted individuals I know. The funny thing is that she’s so private most do not know about the incredible humanitarian duties she has performed. She’s traveled to Bali and South Africa volunteering to work with kids and helps out anyone in need. Adventure should be her middle name as she's done so many things that most people only dream of, but you wouldn't know it unless you explicitly asked her. Go on any of her social media accounts and the only thing you see her flaunting is her beautiful face, with no signs of any of the amazing things she’s experienced and accomplished. Studying to be in law enforcement would be enough to satisfy most free time in anyone's schedule, Yet Judy Hopps I mean Sasha still manage to reach black belt in Tae kwon do and now developing her skills as a salsa dancer! Like I said She’s unbelievable, and we are grateful to have her as one of our members!
Sasha, the cats out the bag, and I want everyone to know how incredible you are! 

Rances PerezComment