Brooke Hopkins

I started my career as a personal trainer while working as a server at PF. Chang's back in 2006. One of my first clients was a co-worker named Brooke. A truly pure spirit who taught me so much as I launched my business. After a couple of years of training with me and helping me gain a clientele list from being my walking billboard, we had to go our separate ways due to both of our relocation. After quite a few years she found me again and has been training at VIDAproject for about a year and a half, and wow has she developed and grown! Firstly, when she started back up again with me I barely recognized her ( in a good way) she had continued to lose weight over the years and trained vigorously on her own. Her mindset had improved so much, with a much more positive outlook as well as a stronger will to push herself. Today Brooke is stronger than she's ever been and continues that determination. What has me most impressed with Brooke, is how she’s grown and matured mentally, I’m super proud of you Booke! That's why this month the spotlight is on you! You prevail, no matter how impossible the obstacles in your path seem to be (that doesn't go unnoticed).

Rances Perez.

She's going to kill me but the last picture is from our P.F. Chang's days :D

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