Yanaury Furcal


 I wanted to share this with all of you... Yanaury has been working extremely hard this year. Both in nutrition and strength training. I noticed some movement issues that were hindering her performance and could lead to injuries in the future. To her disappointment, I had her immediately stop all lifting and begin a month long movement only regimen. Though it was not something she was looking forward to, she still used her same focus and determination she used with weights to improve her mobility and stability. After just one month I reassessed her to find massive improvements in her capability. She definitely earned her stripes by remaining focused on improving. She scored well above the necessary score needed in her mobility to get back to her weights. Yanaur protected her body by truly applying herself to improving her range of motion and stability. I am super proud of her and what she's accomplished! She is one step closer to advancing to Red! A level that few V.P.'s have reached! Please congratulate her when you see her!

Rances Perez