Often times we all can't seem to find the time to work on our health and fitness. It just seems that managing a booming career, raising our children and cultivating our social life is overwhelming enough leaving no room on our plate for any other activity. The reality is that it is difficult, but not impossible. Case-in-point, meet Nick Day, a man i have the honor of calling a friend and a client. Determined, hardworking and extremely focused, he seems to be able to take on the world with a smile on his face. Their is no question why this superhero is our client of the month.

I am honored to be this month’s VIDAproject Client of the Month! Rances has asked me to share how I have felt through my journey and how VIDAproject has impacted it. I am 44, so my journey has already been a long one, and I think I have felt just about everything—like all of us—some good and some bad and everything in between! My journey with VIDAproject started in 2010 when I quit my old job and started my own law practice. It was challenging starting a business and getting new clients in to pay the bills. At the same time, I was finalizing my divorce and being a single parent for my daughter. So life was crazy and stressful.

So no time to work out, right? Wrong! Working out during this period of change and stress was critical for me. I would say it was the most important part of my life at that time. I felt I was doing something important for me, staying fit and healthy for my daughter and the other people in my life I cared about, and working OFF the stress. And just finding some good time to simply think, whether it was during a run, bike or swim, was so important.

I began working out with Rances in Englewood Cliffs at that time, and he was both a motivating and calming influence. We developed a long term training program, based on my specific goals and needs. He introduced me to training with a heart rate monitor, which I now swear by. He also developed a great understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and how to best motivate me to achieve my goals. He also was the first person to put a kettle bell in my hand—also a game changer!

I have always been a runner, but just recently began triathlons. One of my goals is to run 10 NYC Triathlons in a row (I have done 6). This is a long term goal that will require many years of fitness and (I hope) a constantly improving level of fitness. As part of this long term goal, I have worked with Rances to come up with short term goals and training programs. For example, I am training for a ½ marathon in November, and we are in the middle of a plan more focused on running. At the same time we continue to focus on strength training, primarily with kettle bells, because we both believe that is critical for overall fitness and also improved performance in the run, bike and swim. Just as important, I want to look and feel great and the strength training has helped a lot in that respect as well!

So my goals for the future are to continue to work with Rances and VIDAproject team—they motivate me and are a positive influence on my life just about every day! I want to continue to be in a state of healthy improvement, from strength to cardio fitness to healthy eating and mental and emotional clarity. In the crazy and hectic world we live in, especially in the NY City area, this is not easy. But overcoming these challenges to accomplish our goals make the victories more meaningful!

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