The way we choose who will be Client Of The Month is not an easy process. We use factors like attendance, commitment, adherence, results, but most importantly the person must be an outstanding embodiment of our mission. There is no question why we have chosen Moises Santos. Moises is a middle school teacher and a basketball coach in an urban environment who is truly passionate about impacting the world through educating today's youth. Working with him, you can actually feel that passion seeping out his pores and infecting those around him! In the Man of Steel challenge he motivated his peers while pushing himself to attain amazing results and surpassing his expectation. A truly amazing mind to be around, I've had the pleasure of coaching him once before in another program we offer, in which we build a program specifically for you and you do the work on your own. Said format does not provide the opportunity to interact with the client as much, and this is why I am so thankful that I had another chance to get to know Moises a little better because he really is an inspiration.

Rances PerezComment