Lets go 2018!!

Today is the start of a new year, as with every year that brings with it a sense of new hope. It is a chance for us to start with a clean slate and take full control of our destiny. For VIDA Project that is truer this year than ever. We are defining who we are and what we bring to you better than we have ever done, but that's all just noise, let me tell you what that means for you, whether you are a VP student or a casual observer. We will be bringing you tons of valuable and educational content and resources that you can use on a day to day to help improve your mobility, strength and overall fitness/performance.

So join us this year as we dig deep to bring you all we’ve been cooking up these past ten years of research, practice and hard work! All we ask of you is to share the wealth if you like what you see share it with others! You can find our content in almost any method you prefer like;

  • Blogs on our website
  • Podcasts and demonstrations on our youtube channel
  • Video and photo explanations on Instagram and Facebook

Let us know What you like a lot and not so much with your likes and comments!

See you soon!

Rances Perez