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This week has been cold! I say that as a person that simply has to run from the door to the car. You may share a similar luxury, but I ask you to take a moment and imagine having to stand outside for just an hour In the 18° weather, even with your coats on. You’ll begin to really feel the chill. Now remove the coat and remain outside for another hour… You know what, go ahead and stay outside all day long and at night Try to get some sleep. Sounds awful, right? That the reality of thousands of Americans who don't have any shelter from the cold. Our amazing client Lezzette Giron has decided to make a difference, but she needs your help! We are collecting winter coats starting today. You can drop them off at the studio Just send a text message, or email letting us know you’re coming. Deadline is January 27.


(201) 378-FIT1

(201) 378-3481


282 Grand Ave #3 Englewood NJ

Items could be coats, sweaters, sweats, boots, shoes, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves. anything for the cold winter.

Thank you!

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