Can you Find it in you?

  I came across this amazing story today, it's  probably old news to you but I just learned about it. It's a story that honestly choked me up because it's an example of the power in all of us. It's about the events that occurred in the 2010 Winter Olympics during the women's skiing classic Sprint. A Woman by the name of Petra Majdič representing her home country of Slovenia performed an incredible feat. During her warm-ups, she skied off course crashing down a 10-foot drop knocking into rocks and trees. The results of this war 4 broken ribs. This powerful woman was helped by volunteers to whom she urged to take her to the starting line in order to compete in her event. Gritting through the pain she made it to the semi-finals where the intensity of her athletic ability and competitiveness did not allow her to quit she pushed through even though one of her ribs broke and punctured her lungs, she fainted from the pain at the finish line. still wasn't enough to hold this phenomenal Spirit down. On the same day, she competed in the finals where she won the bronze medal. She attended the medal giving ceremony with a tube in her chest. 

The ingredients are in all of us but it's up to you to make the recipe .  When we free ourselves from our own mental limitations we can achieve the impossible. Let this story serve you as a reminder of your true power.


Watch below...

Rances Perez