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Your growth should not be restricted.
We focus on freeing your body’s mobility and your mind’s limitations so that you can thrive in life and health.


Pulling inspiration from a multitude of disciplines, such as; Functional Range Conditioning, Primal Move, Strong First, and Martial Arts. We have developed a unique program called Mixed Exercise Movement Arts (MEMA). By creating an understanding of your body, MEMA will free you of any restrictions, develop true intrinsic strength, and create a thriving healthy life. 


Bruce Lee Described it perfectly in 1971

You may notice that seldom will you find the word “fitness” on our site, and that’s because we want to make sure you don't think of us as a gym or fitness company and the things we do as exercises. You see, we don't like those words, and not because of their textbook definition but rather because of what they've come to represent. We are not here to promote that happiness is a dream body away. 

We are here to show you that; your movement, body fat, muscles, posture, shape, and pain are all expressions of your current state. We want to release the shackles that are limiting your expression because we know that is how you find your true self. Happiness through expression, not feeling confined not feeling trapped in an immobile body, heavy body or weak body. When you can do anything with your physical self, you will realize that you can do anything with your mind, and by combining those two things, you become unstoppable in life. 



Rances was instilled since childhood with a passion for helping others succeed. Born to an entrepreneurial father who started his first successful business at 14 and a mother with a lineage of herbal and holistic knowledge passed down through generations, Rances always had an interest in fitness due to his natural inclination towards physical expression. Combine that history with an innate understanding of psychology and a mechanical brain, and one would say that he was bred to become a wellness and fitness professional. He leads an amazing team of coaches and professionals with a deep passion for their mission to restore a stronger and healthier individual through their powerful skill sets and knowledge. "I strive to offer services beyond what any client would expect and to generate physical and internal improvements in all aspect of health. Using a strong understanding of human anatomy, physiology and exercise science."



From a young age, Moises developed the passion for sports and movement. Walking in the steps of his father, he played and excelled in the sport of basketball. After completing school, he began coaching youth and led his team to a championship in New York City. Moises also has a deep passion for dancing with multiple performances in the genre of Salsa and Bachata. It is at this point that he discovered his passion for movement and fitness. With a love for both dance and basketball, he began to explore the importance of movement in one's health. Taking this approach to influence the lives of others, he is now on a venture with Rances Perez to change the culture of fitness for both adults and youth alike. 


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