Carmen Nuñez

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Carmen receives this month’s Spotlight for her consistency, determination, and GRIT! Her ability to focus in and achieve a goal is a real rarity. Carmen came to the United States to venture into her career in a new country. At that moment is when she began her fitness journey, partaking in a variety of activities. From heavy lifting to Zumba, to running half marathons, Carmen consistently pushes herself to be the best version of Carmen she can be. And this was evident in our first monthly Vida Challenge, The Push-Up challenge. She banged out a whopping 1,874 pushups in November! She is indeed a remarkable athlete, and we are excited to see her future progress with us!


Ahmad gets this month's spotlight for all the hard work he put in for his first amateur boxing match. The courage to step in that ring alone takes a lot of mental toughness... Let alone putting all your skills to use when someone is trying to take your head off. We couldn't be more proud of him for achieving his goal. Now it's time to grind even harder in the gym for his next match. 


Sasha Miguez

Have you ever watched Zootopia, you know the main character, the rambunctious little bunny? Well, we have our own little Sasha who's ready to tackle any challenge in front of her (especially when you doubt her). She began training with us when she was 19 (now 22), And she’s has continued to outdo herself! In the gym, she’s an incredible athlete that figures out any way to battle through and push her comrades to work harder. She is tough as nails if you push her yet one of the sweetest and big-hearted individuals I know. The funny thing is that she’s so private most do not know about the incredible humanitarian duties she has performed. She’s traveled to Bali and South Africa volunteering to work with kids and helps out anyone in need. Adventure should be her middle name as she's done so many things that most people only dream of, but you wouldn't know it unless you explicitly asked her. Go on any of her social media accounts and the only thing you see her flaunting is her beautiful face, with no signs of any of the amazing things she’s experienced and accomplished. Studying to be in law enforcement would be enough to satisfy most free time in anyone's schedule, Yet Judy Hopps I mean Sasha still manage to reach black belt in Tae kwon do and now developing her skills as a salsa dancer! Like I said She’s unbelievable, and we are grateful to have her as one of our members!
Sasha, the cats out the bag, and I want everyone to know how incredible you are! 

Brooke Hopkins

I started my career as a personal trainer while working as a server at PF. Chang's back in 2006. One of my first clients was a co-worker named Brooke. A truly pure spirit who taught me so much as I launched my business. After a couple of years of training with me and helping me gain a clientele list from being my walking billboard, we had to go our separate ways due to both of our relocation. After quite a few years she found me again and has been training at VIDAproject for about a year and a half, and wow has she developed and grown! Firstly, when she started back up again with me I barely recognized her ( in a good way) she had continued to lose weight over the years and trained vigorously on her own. Her mindset had improved so much, with a much more positive outlook as well as a stronger will to push herself. Today Brooke is stronger than she's ever been and continues that determination. What has me most impressed with Brooke, is how she’s grown and matured mentally, I’m super proud of you Booke! That's why this month the spotlight is on you! You prevail, no matter how impossible the obstacles in your path seem to be (that doesn't go unnoticed).

Rances Perez.

She's going to kill me but the last picture is from our P.F. Chang's days :D

Yanaury Furcal


 I wanted to share this with all of you... Yanaury has been working extremely hard this year. Both in nutrition and strength training. I noticed some movement issues that were hindering her performance and could lead to injuries in the future. To her disappointment, I had her immediately stop all lifting and begin a month long movement only regimen. Though it was not something she was looking forward to, she still used her same focus and determination she used with weights to improve her mobility and stability. After just one month I reassessed her to find massive improvements in her capability. She definitely earned her stripes by remaining focused on improving. She scored well above the necessary score needed in her mobility to get back to her weights. Yanaur protected her body by truly applying herself to improving her range of motion and stability. I am super proud of her and what she's accomplished! She is one step closer to advancing to Red! A level that few V.P.'s have reached! Please congratulate her when you see her!


It's hard to believe that Donnabel Rodriguez joined our family only 6 months ago. As a member of our VIDAporject summer boot camp she brought along with her an array of attributes that were fitting for our culture. Commitment, persistence, dedication and most importantly leadership. While her primary goal has always been weight-loss, through the knowledge and experience of strength training she has tackled other health related issues as well. A woman with 3 young kids and a busy work life, she now serves as an example for the new members of our group classes. Come to think of it we don't recall her ever missing a single day of class. We are honored to say that Donnabel is our January Client Of The Month!


The way we choose who will be Client Of The Month is not an easy process. We use factors like attendance, commitment, adherence, results, but most importantly the person must be an outstanding embodiment of our mission. There is no question why we have chosen Moises Santos. Moises is a middle school teacher and a basketball coach in an urban environment who is truly passionate about impacting the world through educating today's youth. Working with him, you can actually feel that passion seeping out his pores and infecting those around him! In the Man of Steel challenge he motivated his peers while pushing himself to attain amazing results and surpassing his expectation. A truly amazing mind to be around, I've had the pleasure of coaching him once before in another program we offer, in which we build a program specifically for you and you do the work on your own. Said format does not provide the opportunity to interact with the client as much, and this is why I am so thankful that I had another chance to get to know Moises a little better because he really is an inspiration.



 Often times we all can't seem to find the time to work on our health and fitness. It just seems that managing a booming career, raising our children and cultivating our social life is overwhelming enough leaving no room on our plate for any other activity. The reality is that it is difficult, but not impossible. Case-in-point, meet Nick Day, a man i have the honor of calling a friend and a client. Determined, hardworking and extremely focused, he seems to be able to take on the world with a smile on his face. Their is no question why this superhero is our client of the month.

I am honored to be this month’s VIDAproject Client of the Month! Rances has asked me to share how I have felt through my journey and how VIDAproject has impacted it. I am 44, so my journey has already been a long one, and I think I have felt just about everything—like all of us—some good and some bad and everything in between! My journey with VIDAproject started in 2010 when I quit my old job and started my own law practice. It was challenging starting a business and getting new clients in to pay the bills. At the same time, I was finalizing my divorce and being a single parent for my daughter. So life was crazy and stressful.

So no time to work out, right? Wrong! Working out during this period of change and stress was critical for me. I would say it was the most important part of my life at that time. I felt I was doing something important for me, staying fit and healthy for my daughter and the other people in my life I cared about, and working OFF the stress. And just finding some good time to simply think, whether it was during a run, bike or swim, was so important.

I began working out with Rances in Englewood Cliffs at that time, and he was both a motivating and calming influence. We developed a long term training program, based on my specific goals and needs. He introduced me to training with a heart rate monitor, which I now swear by. He also developed a great understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and how to best motivate me to achieve my goals. He also was the first person to put a kettle bell in my hand—also a game changer!

I have always been a runner, but just recently began triathlons. One of my goals is to run 10 NYC Triathlons in a row (I have done 6). This is a long term goal that will require many years of fitness and (I hope) a constantly improving level of fitness. As part of this long term goal, I have worked with Rances to come up with short term goals and training programs. For example, I am training for a ½ marathon in November, and we are in the middle of a plan more focused on running. At the same time we continue to focus on strength training, primarily with kettle bells, because we both believe that is critical for overall fitness and also improved performance in the run, bike and swim. Just as important, I want to look and feel great and the strength training has helped a lot in that respect as well!

So my goals for the future are to continue to work with Rances and VIDAproject team—they motivate me and are a positive influence on my life just about every day! I want to continue to be in a state of healthy improvement, from strength to cardio fitness to healthy eating and mental and emotional clarity. In the crazy and hectic world we live in, especially in the NY City area, this is not easy. But overcoming these challenges to accomplish our goals make the victories more meaningful!


"I have been a member of the VIDA family now for about two years and what I have gained from it is in fact, a family. A family of people who share the same goals/values as i hold and who have a long term commitment to one another. A family where I can be myself, push myself and strive to be a better version of myself, all while having a group of cheerleaders cheering me on. It is a place where I feel safe to push myself and know that I will not fail because of the support system I have backing me up. VIDA has become a place where I not only improved my physical strength and appearance but where I have strengthened my mind. I feel as if there is noting i can't do and if I can't do it myself, I can sure as hell bet on someone from VIDA to help me out!

I am about to embark on another journey that will force me to leave VIDA for a short time but VIDA will be in my heart and spirit and everything that I have learned will travel with me.

Thank you VIDA for everything you have done for me, I will be eternally grateful for you support, motivation and love".

Caroline Zamecki

Caroline Deadlift

Two times a week I get a special treat, for an hour I get to just have fun and laugh while messing around with heavy Iron. That pretty much describes my training session with Caroline Zamecki. She is just a load of fun to train but means serious business when she grabs on to that kettlebells or crushes that barbell in her hands. She is a sweetheart and has a heartwarming smile, one would think that she is the a perfect damsel in an old film, until you see her use a couple monster sized kettlebells for squats and deadlift a bar loaded up with 200lbs. Congratulations Caroline for being our Client of the month!
Rances Perez


We have chosen a very special person to be our very first client of the month! She has worked hard and conquered serious obstacles in recent years, yet has never failed to show up and give her all. Month after month she improves not only physically but also in all other aspects of her life. So let's all show her some love and like and share her very own before and after as she continues on her journey to wellness