Lets go 2018!!

Today is the start of a new year, as with every year that brings with it a sense of new hope. It is a chance for us to start with a clean slate and take full control of our destiny. For VIDA Project that is truer this year than ever. We are defining who we are and what we bring to you better than we have ever done, but that's all just noise, let me tell you what that means for you, whether you are a VP student or a casual observer. We will be bringing you tons of valuable and educational content and resources that you can use on a day to day to help improve your mobility, strength and overall fitness/performance.

So join us this year as we dig deep to bring you all we’ve been cooking up these past ten years of research, practice and hard work! All we ask of you is to share the wealth if you like what you see share it with others! You can find our content in almost any method you prefer like;

  • Blogs on our website
  • Podcasts and demonstrations on our youtube channel
  • Video and photo explanations on Instagram and Facebook

Let us know What you like a lot and not so much with your likes and comments!

See you soon!


Coat Drive Success!


Lezzette went out this past weekend to hand out all the warmth that so many of you shared! I am so proud of our beautiful client Lezzette for setting this up and making it happen, I say beautiful because it describes her inside and out. I also want to thank all of you who took the time out to help her by looking and finding all manner of helpful garments! 

Lezzette's Coats and more

This week has been cold! I say that as a person that simply has to run from the door to the car. You may share a similar luxury, but I ask you to take a moment and imagine having to stand outside for just an hour In the 18° weather, even with your coats on. You’ll begin to really feel the chill. Now remove the coat and remain outside for another hour… You know what, go ahead and stay outside all day long and at night Try to get some sleep. Sounds awful, right? That the reality of thousands of Americans who don't have any shelter from the cold. Our amazing client Lezzette Giron has decided to make a difference, but she needs your help! We are collecting winter coats starting today. You can drop them off at the studio Just send a text message, or email letting us know you’re coming. Deadline is January 27.


(201) 378-FIT1

(201) 378-3481


282 Grand Ave #3 Englewood NJ

Items could be coats, sweaters, sweats, boots, shoes, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves. anything for the cold winter.

Thank you!

Burning Coffee

I'm tired of this, It seems that the only way the health and fitness industry survives is by burning coffee. I spent the weekend with a great friend of mine out in the woods in his family cabin. it was a great getaway for all of us, my son was running around the woods like Tarzan (Shirtless and all) while my daughter would scream from excitement watching all the animals. We cooked and ate fish we caught ourselves, talked around a camp fire and overall felt great. My buddy who runs a few startups himself owns a coffee farm in Colombia, he taught me about the coffee industry and how quality coffee is made. He told me how some of the coffee from Brazil (opposed to popular belief) is subpar because it's a cash crop for them, volume is the name of the game. I learned that in the eighties during the big coffee boom, Brazil actually burned tons of coffee in order to control cost. Reflecting on that, I realized that's exactly what the health and fitness industry does. Except what is burned in this instance is our self-esteem.  You see this time of year you're liable to see hundreds of ads that will diminish your self-love by pointing out that you don't look "beach ready" or don't have a "summer body" and I'm sick of it! I've been guilty of it in the past myself, being convinced that the ends justify the means, but I've had enough. in my heart, I believe that movement, nutrition and mental awareness is food for the soul. The body is a physical representation of your mind and to convolute this notion by oppressing your ego in order to tap into your natural fear of not being accepted by the world is blasphemy and I'll no longer be a part of that wheel. I will choose to encourage the desire to be stronger not for the ability to crush others but for the desire to pull and carry others up, encourage cardiovascular activity for its benefits in creating a stable mind and heart, I'll encourage weight training to grow and cultivate a strong will and determination in life, and most of all I'll encourage an environment of self-care, self-love, and acceptance. This is the community I hope to grow. I ask if this is of interest to you please don't hesitate to join VIDAproject, but if you choose to be a part of the hamster wheel of self-hatred physical harm and low self-esteem please write to me about exiting our environment.
A body that looks beautiful is grown from a loving mind. 

Can you Find it in you?

  I came across this amazing story today, it's  probably old news to you but I just learned about it. It's a story that honestly choked me up because it's an example of the power in all of us. It's about the events that occurred in the 2010 Winter Olympics during the women's skiing classic Sprint. A Woman by the name of Petra Majdič representing her home country of Slovenia performed an incredible feat. During her warm-ups, she skied off course crashing down a 10-foot drop knocking into rocks and trees. The results of this war 4 broken ribs. This powerful woman was helped by volunteers to whom she urged to take her to the starting line in order to compete in her event. Gritting through the pain she made it to the semi-finals where the intensity of her athletic ability and competitiveness did not allow her to quit she pushed through even though one of her ribs broke and punctured her lungs, she fainted from the pain at the finish line. still wasn't enough to hold this phenomenal Spirit down. On the same day, she competed in the finals where she won the bronze medal. She attended the medal giving ceremony with a tube in her chest. 

The ingredients are in all of us but it's up to you to make the recipe .  When we free ourselves from our own mental limitations we can achieve the impossible. Let this story serve you as a reminder of your true power.


Watch below...